Out Of The Life, Inc. - Save A Woman - Save The World
90 Day Program Goals 
Identity Documents (With 7 Days)
 ____Birth Certificate 
 ____Drivers License or State ID 
 ____Social Security Card
Education, Job Placement and Career Development (Begins within 72 Hours)
 ____GED (Charm)                     
____Math Tutoring                     
____English Tutoring 
 ____Job (Charm) 
 ____Advanced Education (Charm) 
 ____Career Goal
Financial Recovery and Accountability (Upon Job Placement)
 ____Bank Account 
 ____Savings Account 
Spiritual and Emotional Recovery (Within 72 Hours)
 ____Church of Choice 
 ____AA/NA Meeting – 90 in 90 
 ____Celebrate Recovery 
 ____OOTL Weekly Meeting 
Goal Setting   (Within 72 Hours)                   
____90 Days 
____6 Months                     
____1 Year                     
____5 Year 
Journaling (Immediately)
Out Of The Life Skills (Within 24 Hours)
 ____Acceptance of Life Responsibility 
 ____Decision Making 
 ____Personal Boundaries 
 ____Love, Joy, Peace 
 ____Anger Management
Health and Well Being 
Beauty, Fitness and Etiquette                 
 ____Table Manners 
 Medical Assessment and Treatment  (Within 24 Hours)                
____Drug Screen                    
____Vision (Within 7 days)
____Dental (Within 
 Mental Health Assessment                    
___Test 1 ___Test 2 ___Test 3 ___
 Legal Clearance                     
___Victim Compensation Social Services                     
___Food Stamps           
Family Reintegration
Transition to Independent Living

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