Out Of The Life Women's Resources - Save a Woman - Save the World!
Out Of The Life starts with an interview.
We will interview you after being contacted within 24 hours in person at the jail facility you are being held.  We will ask for references, charges, special situations and previous criminal history.  
Out Of The Life Does Not Accept Collect Phone Calls
You will have to ask a friend or family member to call on your behalf.  You may also submit a written request to the Programs Director of the Jail Facility you are being held at to contact us and we will visit you within 24 hours of the jail contacting us for an interview.
Out Of The Life Does Not Provide Legal Advice
We do have attorneys and law firms that are experienced with prostitution related arrest situations and will contact them on your behalf.  They are not free or any part of the public defenders office.
If you have been assigned a public defender we will contact their office on your behalf and let them know you have interviewed with us and are going to participate in a program designed to help you get out of prostitution, escorting and/or stripping or pornography.
Out Of The Life Does Not Provide Housing
We will assist you in finding housing for yourself that will help you stay out of prostitution.  We will assist in helping you find housing that will accommodate any children you may have.  We also will do what we can to assist in finding temporary shelter for pets until you are able to provide for them again.
Out Of The Life Does Not Bond Inmates Out Of Jail
We do not deal with any bond agents as they have not demonstrated leniency with prostitution related arrests. 
Probation Officers, Probation Violations and No Bond Status Inmates.
If you are on a probation violation related arrest as a result of a prostitution related charge or if you were arrested for a prostitution related charge while you were on probation for another crime and are on a no bond status we will contact your probation officer and let them know you have contacted us.
Judges and Court Dates
If necessary, we will attend court dates to lend emotional support and ask the judge -  through your attorney - to consider your participation in Out Of The Life as an active demonstration that you are serious about no longer being a part of the sex industry. 
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