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The Oyster and the Eagle


September 2011
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  In January of 2010 I met a prostitute inside the walls of the Seminole County Jail during my “Out Of The Life” Life Skills class who I will call Sandy.  She was 46 years old and this was her 78th arrest during her adult life.  She was only sentenced to a few months for a minor felony drug possession charge and had very seldom spent more than 6 months in jail at any one time.  

The Oyster and the Eagle

In the beginning, God created the oyster.  
He said "Oyster, I am going to give you the most perfect living environment you could ever imagine."  He gave the Oyster a shelter in the form of a hard shell.  He gave the oyster food.  Just by opening his mouth food rushes in.  He gave the Oyster protection by placing him at the bottom of the ocean where he would be far away from his predators.  
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