To Shoes or Not to Shoes

STRIKER  What was the Question?


There is nothing that is more cathartic that the purchase of a new pair of shoes.  Especially if they are innappropriate, go with nothing you already own and were on sale.  If they are on sale, I buy 2 pair almost without exception.

Shoes can be trusted.  I wear the same size now as when I was 16 and that in itself means alot.  And I wear a size 8 which is a single digit and one I am quite comfortable with.  Also – my feet are a “perfect” size 8 – meaning I can wear the same size in any store, by any designer, in any style.  And a wise – much older woman –  once told me that a good building had to have a good foundation or it will fall over.  That made pretty good sense and even though I have occassionally fallen over anyway in spite of my inappropriate-sale priced-size 8 good foundations, I have always been able to spring up pretty quickly with very little damage…even pride wise – because I know when I do finally rise – I will look good.ITHIKA  A new pair of shoes will never make your butt look big or fail to “properly cover” what needed to be covered.  In fact, a pair of shoes is intended to show more than what you thought was appropriate. 

Shoes are a “feel good” purchase that is better than chocolate.  There are no regrets and no self recrimination later.  The “high” is long lasting and can be re-used later by going into the room where you keep all the stuff your husband doesn’t know you bought and opening the box and taking them out one at a time and just looking at them.  Ok – smelling them before you wear them is all right to do too.  That fine italian leather (or not) – is the same to women as the new car smell is to men with the added benefit that when they are no longer new you can get another one (or two) and not have to be ripped off by a mechanic or denigrated, harrassed and schmoozed by a salesman.  I like to wear them with my pajamas and a new pedicure. 

I don’t have a favorite designer – but I think Jessica Simpson has a gift that far exceeds her voice – that of having a guy who can really build some great shoes and letting her put her name on the box.  Her shoes embody the idea of innappropriate and they go on sale quite quickly upon their introduction.  Finding a pair that is not only comfortable, but stylish and available in other colors is like finding my own personal mecca.  Just short of a religeous experience.

And the box.  Ooh the box.  So many excellent opportunities to re-use and re-store other items.  They have great organizational properties in drawers and closets.  I always leave the newest pairs in the original box and rotate them into their final destination as the opportunity to accept new pairs into the collection arises.  SALOPEN

I have just returned from Dillards – which is my personal favorite shoe acquisition destination.  Great selection, great sales and plenty of assistance to fetch my perfect size 8 from the back room.  In fact – when I die I would like my ashes to be scattered in the back room of a Dillards store room where I can rest for all eternity amoung a delicious and constantly updated collection of Jessica Simpson, Gianni Bini and BG Maxaria (or whatever the name is). 

I only bought one pair this time – Michael was with me and there simply wasn’t time to re-think that other black pair with the red heel…But – still…I wasn’t sad for leaving them behind.  Because I know they will be there another time – in a different incarnation perhaps – ready to satisfy my need for the inappropriate.


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