Jesse started Out Of The Life as a way to help women who had been involved in prostitution find their way to living without compromising their sexuality. Her program teaches the practical application of the spiritual concept of embracing Love, Joy, Peace and Forgiveness as an avenue to recovering the most basic of life skills – that of self esteem.

Jesse had been in and out of jail for most of her adult life and spent the last fifteen years of her life struggling to find the road back to spiritual wellness through a wide variety of self help, psychological and social counseling and finally drilled down to the understanding that in order to lead a fulfilled life that stayed out of jail, it was necessary for each woman to embrace the painful and embarrassing scars of ones past and learn to love oneself as she is. She encourages the women to support each other and to empower each other by staying positive through affirmations and insists on the women spending time journaling their thoughts and taking the mental steps to freeing their hearts and minds while the court system manages their bodies. She provides journals each week to the women who attend her class at the Seminole County Jail and who live in the safe house she owns and operates with her husband Michael. She coaches the girls to accept the “gift of jail” as an opportunity to put their physical life on pause and regroup their thoughts and treat it as a chance to start over – not from the beginning but from where they actually are.

She married in 2004 and she and her husband live in Altamonte Springs with their two golden retrievers. She volunteers 2 hours a week at Seminole County Jail and offers a continuing education class outside the jail using the same concepts. She has recently written a workbook for women who have been the victims of Sex Trafficking and in 2011 opened “Melody’s Loft”, a Safe House to provide Crisis Intervention Services for victims of Sex Trafficking. In cooperation with heARTworks and the Family Tree in Lake Mary, she conducts 5 group therapy sessions a week for women in all stages of exiting the sex industry, 2 All Day art therapy classes for any age of sex trafficking victim, and offers individual coaching where women who have been sex trafficked and/or incarcerated can find help upon their release from jail. She hopes to open a community resource center and bookstore for women that will allow coaching and counseling for women and a launch pad for women in business. She coaches individual women during the critical two week period after their release from jail and beyond, assists sex trafficking victims with getting their identification documents and teaches Goal Setting and Decision Making techniques for other transitional programs in Orlando. She facilitates the “Save A Woman” project where donors have the pleasure of giving directly to a woman in need and sponsors “Beautiful Girl” by assembling packages of emergency personal hygiene items and new under clothing to give to women who have victims of sex trafficking and/or have been released from jail with few resources.

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